The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage

Freedom – the art of being free. Everyone wants to be free, everyone wants to escape the mundane tasks of life. We are looking for that moment, that break in time, where we can relax and introspect.But it’s not something life will offer you its something you have to steal from it.Don’t just waste your time in the endless grind, Do something different every day something small, something significant which is yours and only yours which will give you the feeling of the freedom you have been long lasting for.

mohamed-nohassi-229698Freedom… it’s an evasion
It is an’s a break out from the cocoon
If only we could free our heart from desires
If only we could free our heart from the burning fire
If only we could have eyes
Eyes in our soul
If only we could see..see what goes inside and out
If only we could know how to survive
If only we could figure out life
If only we could feel the endless sky
If only we could have wings to fly

There is no message to be said
There is no moral to be learned
It just an experience
It’s just a journey that goes on.

Picture used in the blog has been taken by Mohamed Nohassi,

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