How to be a child again?


Clear your heart of all the damning thoughts

Wipe your mind of all the sad memories;

Clean up your life all of the bad experience;

Cleanse your soul with the purity of love;

Undo all the bad deeds done all these years;

Unlive the horrible experiences of life;

Un-learn the sad truths of the world;

Un-hear the bad words uttered by the sullen mouths;

Then you will be clean and pure as a child, my love.


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

32 thoughts on “How to be a child again?

  1. A lovely post, Megha. I can see why you liked ‘Innocence of a Child,’ when I read this. They are similar, in their own way. Thanks for directing me to this one! It is sad that the horrors of this world take away the innocence of our beings, but never is that inner, innocent child who sees all things with wonder gone from us – we only need to learn how to see the world for its beauty instead of its darkness and pain.

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      1. lol… I can run faster than a sitting rock; leap over small puddles; and can only fly when i jump from an embankment into a pond – but it’s a short flight!

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