So what do you dream at night? Do you dream about the unattainable or do you dream about goals in sight? Is it the thought of someone long-lost which keeps you up in the night or the cozy feeling of being in love with someone?.
Everybody wants a peaceful transition to the world of dreams from the scary world of reality. Nobody wants a nightmare to wake them. We all dream, We all want.


A bridge across forever
An unending dream
An endless walk on the beach
Uncanny sun on your face
Unhindered hug for a lifetime
A kiss that goes forever
An unscathed love
And a scar less life
Holding onto the life is so tough and it winds you up
Look for the small joys and big leaps life offers
Keeping your heart in place and goals in sight
Holding on to your dreams
And feeling the warmth by your side
Stop the pounding..the pain
Relieve us from the grind
Oh..the prayers we say every day
Oh!! ..the dreams we dream at night.

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