Have you ever felt so connected to a person that the mere presence of him in a room will fill you with passion?

Even though he is not near you, he can immerse you in his soulful presence. Your heart starts beating to his rhythm and your eyes are desperately waiting for the glance where you connect. The following post encompasses that feeling. Read the following post and let me know how you feel about it.


Dance of the emotions

Catching of the gaze

Passing glimpse of the face

Fleeting touch of your hands

Feeling the untouched

Living the love

Absorbing your presence

and drowning in your essence

Standing in the crowd

Only felt by the one

Making the eye contact

and feeling the unspoken words

Standing here in a crowded room

Felt so alone with you.

The picture used in this post has been taken by Alejandra Quiroz

4 thoughts on “Presence

  1. I once wrote, when the one you love walks into a crowded room, nothing else exists! I know this, so well. Beautifully captured!

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